Water District One web page is www.waterdistrictone.org

Lee Township Water Spec Book


1.   If your parcel has not been assessed $7000.00 ffor the construction of the main lines and curb box, you will need to contact the Lee Twp Treasurer to pay your water assessment before proceeding.

2.   To begin the process of connecting to the water system, you must start at the Township Code Authority to get the "plumbing permit" which includes two inspections (one outside and one inside). The Code Authority will give you a packet explaining the requirements.

3.   Collect the meter yoke at the Water District One office in Sanford at 246 E Price Road and pay the required fees for equipment and service.

 Original Financing Plan / Cost per Customer
Water Main Costs to be assessed (with interest) is $7,000. For those who decided to pay the assessment over forty years span, each Winter tax payment will include a principle amount of $175 and 12 months of interest at 5.125% on the remaining principle. The remaining principle + interest can be paid in full at any time. Partial payments against the principle are also accepted by the Lee Township Treasurer.

There is a local unit (LU) fee paid each quarter by users of the system which pays for our 3500 (REU), the rest of the water main construction costs, plus any additional operating costs. This LU fee will be adjusted annually by the board during the budget process.

NOTE: This assessment district is required to be self-sufficient by law. We cannot use any of these funds for other purposes, and we are not allowed to subsidize the operation from other funds.